Space utilization thought leader John Vivadelli to share measurement insight with HR, IT and Real Estate leaders in Realcomm panel discussion

John Vivadelli will share his insight on how technology is changing the way offices are utilized to meet cost reduction and sustainability goals on Realcomm's panel discussion webinar for H, real estate and I.T. executives. AgilQuest's CEO will answer how underutilized real estate is identified, how workplace business intelligence is used to improve support for the workforce, and how organizations use technology to do more with less.

"As industry better understands how technology, automation and innovation are changing the workplace, Realcomm is advancing the conversation through peer collaboration, case studies and education. These transformational changes rely on visionary leadership from solution providers like AgilQuest. John Vivadelli and his team are at the forefront of this revolution and it is exciting to have them partner with us in our webinar" says Jim Young, co-founder, Realcomm.

Leading organizations have discovered IT departments play an increasing role in the infrastructure and asset management of their facilities and buildings. This transformation to connected and centrally managed portfolios impacts every aspect of how we operate buildings and portfolios. It means both the introduction of new technology as well as a major shift in the organizational structure of our real estate organizations. Thought leaders from Realcomm, GSA, IBM and AgilQuest will discuss these points in the live webinar titled "Information Technology's Expanding Role in the Future of Facilities Management" on Thursday October 20 at 12:30 pm EDT

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