Government and industry leaders discuss lessons learned from workplace living labs

The federal government is deploying telework rapidly and the General Services Administration (GSA) is sharing its plans in a panel discussion at CoreNet’s Eastern Regional Symposium. Led by Chief Asset Officer Gavin Bloch and special advisor Naomi Stanford, the panel will discuss how the agency is developing best practices and testing their approach through “living lab” implementations inside GSA. AgilQuest’s CEO, John Vivadelli, has been chosen to share the vision behind the technology and workplace methodology GSA is implementing.


GSA has been in leader in sustainable buildings and continues to make sustainability a platform for transformation and innovation. The agency is working to reach a zero environmental footprint and to support alternative work strategies, paralleling the private sector’s efforts to drive down costs and move towards more mobility overall. GSA is leading the federal government by developing, testing and implementing approaches to support the new mobile and home-based workforce and decreasing the need for office space. Bloch’s panel will discuss the latest phase of these efforts in a provocative dialog between the participants.

The panel will discuss the challenges GSA faced when deploying its new workplace strategy, the technology to support it, the training and change management needed, and their facility redesigns. In short, everything a large organization needs to maintain worker productivity while taking cost out of real estate. With fewer dollars spent on office space and energy consumption, more of the budget can be used towards each agency’s mission. That makes getting people comfortable with the new paradigm and developing the blueprint for other agencies critical.

Real-time occupancy studies of their workspace found that employees were highly mobile. GSA has since set a goal of reducing its real estate footprint dramatically in support of President Obama’s real estate reduction directives. Executives are leading the way by hoteling at GSA headquarters.

“It is genuinely exciting to see GSA take a leadership role within the federal government effort to enhance telework and aggressively pursue deficit reduction. I’m proud that AgilQuest’s services expertise and technology platforms enable GSA to keep the government workforce productive while reducing the amount of office space required. It’s rare to see government leading the way and business following, but GSA is doing exactly what every stockholder and Board member wants their CEO and CFO to do.” says Vivadelli.

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