Latest Version of Desk and Conference Room Reservation System Extends Check In to Mobile Phones and Enables Utilization Rates of 90% and Above

AgilQuest Corporation released a new version of OnBoard, their hoteling and conference room management technology, continuing features and capabilities which increase their lead in the workplace optimization market for large commercial firms and federal government agencies.

"Our customers asked for help shifting their culture from day-at-a-time to hour-by-hour and to support the location-aware phones everyone has, so we are delivering that and more in version 5.5." says Torrance Houlihan, VP of Product Management.

As the leader in hoteling technology for the last 19 years, OnBoard already delivers the features necessary to get started with office space utilization and reach above-average rates of 70% to 85%. Many early adopters have now maxed out and need more to achieve 90% to 95% utilization and still maintain high productivity and morale. OnBoard 5.5's new, customer-driven features lend that support: an iPhone native app interface, autobump warning emails, hour-by-hour reservation length control, autobump at a specific time of day, a 1-click cancel button for last-minute schedule changes, and more.

"The OnBoard native app for iPhone is a huge convenience for mobile workers and a big leap forward for the organization's hoteling program. AgilQuest innovation often focuses on making it easier for users to check in, but here we are leveraging location-based services on the dominant phone and BYOD platforms to increase both user adoption and utilization" says John Vivadelli, CEO and founder at AgilQuest.

These changes improve operations for all organizations who aim to save office space costs and appeal to workers with flexible work, but provide even more support to evolving organizational culture from basic desk sharing and room scheduling to advanced workplace optimization with substantial and long-lasting ROI. OnBoard 5.5 is available immediately.

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