Hot Desking and Conference Room Reservation System Now Accessible from Any Location with iPhone, Android or Blackberry

AgilQuest Corporation released a native mobile app giving Android phones access to OnBoard, AgilQuest's hoteling and conference room management technology, from any covered wireless or WiFi location. OnBoard for Android joins AgilQuest's apps for iPhone and Blackberry to complete their support for all mobile workers using the most popular company-supplied or BYOD mobile devices.

"Users demand the convenience of native apps on their phones. When you make it this simple to find a desk from anywhere or to check in to a reservation with just a tap on your phone, user adoption goes through the roof and space planners get the boost of accurate actual use of space data" said John Vivadelli, CEO of AgilQuest.

User adoption is critical when workplace goals require cooperation from each and every worker. Mobile workers expect more than simple web-based solutions and AgilQuest delivers the first native apps with check in, check out, and automatic vicinity notification.

Torrance Houlihan, VP of Product Management for AgilQuest, states "OnBoard's new interfaces for iPhone and Android use built-in GPS, Location-based services and geo-fencing to notify users when they are close enough to the office to check in to their reservations. It just pops up and asks 'Check in now?' while you're approaching the front door or walking across the parking lot. Customers are calling this a 'game changer' and are accelerating their upgrade plans to take advantage of these new mobile apps."

Now that OnBoard is available across all popular smartphones, excitement about the new mobile interfaces has been universal across HR, IT, CRE and line-of-business executives. AgilQuest's Scout interface brings OnBoard to Blackberry and other mobile web smartphones without having to navigate a full website while the iPhone and Android native apps make satisfy users' needs with just a couple of taps and swipes.

OnBoard for iPhone, OnBoard for Android, and OnBoard Scout for Blackberry are compatible with OnBoard version 5.5 and higher and are all available immediately.

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