Freedom and Flexibility for the Workforce Balanced with Workplace Savings and Management Control

AgilQuest Corporation has released the core concepts of Smart Occupancy, the philosophy and approach behind the solutions savings millions annually in office space at large companies and federal agencies without compromising employee satisfaction or productivity. Smart Occupancy applies the latest mobile technology, access control integration, and modern workplace expertise to balance the need to save on real estate and energy with the practical support needs of the workforce. This combination of "secret ingredients" has set AgilQuest apart from their technology-only competitors and fueled the recent success in the federal government.

Renovating their own D.C-based headquarters, the General Services Administration (GSA) is using Smart Occupancy to support 4,400 workers in the same space that housed only 2,300 prior to construction. During the March Workplace Leaders webinar, GSA's Anthony Macri shared "Smart Occupancy is a workplace strategy that maximizes workplace efficiency, workforce productivity and organizational sustainability." GSA is changing not just how space assets are utilized, but also how work is performed to the benefit of the agency, its workers and the taxpayers.

"Experience has shown you can't just cut space and expect workers to remain productive. This is why Smart Occupancy provides a balance between worker flexibility and organizational management: to deliver the efficiency the organization needs while making your workplace even more attractive to today's talent" said John Vivadelli, CEO of AgilQuest.

The newly published whitepaper explains how the Smart Occupancy strategy delivers results for the organization, for the individual workers in that organization, and for the surrounding community. By unifying strategies across Finance, Real Estate, HR and the business units, AgilQuest's Smart Occupancy develops high performance work and a high efficiency workplace.

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