Cloud-based, pre-packed version of core resource management technology promises fast and easy deployment.

AgilQuest recently released its third edition to the OnBoard product portfolio, OnBoard Professional, a cloud-based, pre-configured software solution designed to bring conference room management capability to small organizations and pilot programs.

The new version of OnBoard promises organizations a ready-to-use workplace solution that is pre-configured for user groups of 20, 50 or 100 people. Because the software is cloud-based, organizations that choose OnBoard Professional as their resource management tool need not worry about additional hardware needs or extensive involvement from IT. Once their contract is finalized, deployment is faster and hassle-free.

“AgilQuest has long provided people in large, global enterprises more choice in where and when they want to work.  We’ve provided their management value by delivering the measurement and control necessary to dramatically reduce occupancy costs, energy consumption and CO2 production across their portfolio,” says AgilQuest CEO, John Vivadelli.

“With OnBoard Professional, we can now scale these same benefits down to small pilots, or the SMB market, with a cloud based platform that is less expensive, quick to implement and easy to use.” 

The OnBoard Workplace Management system is AgilQuest’s core technology for workplace optimization. OnBoard gives people freedom and flexibility to choose the best place to be more productive by allowing workers to reserve workspaces and meeting rooms across a variety of integrated hardware options. 

OnBoard Professional offers users the same software, available in a package that makes sense for smaller deployments.

Learn more about how OnBoard Professional is revolutionizing workplace resource and conference room management at