Alternative Workplace Leader Expands Into Traditional Space Services

AgilQuest Corporation announced the creation of its Workplace Services Division to satisfy customer’s requests for a single solution provider for both traditional and agile workplace management. The company’s innovation and leadership in alternative workplace technology and services positions it perfectly to deliver significantly enhanced, data driven decision support capabilities to a discipline that has effectively operated unchanged for a generation. To deliver this world class expertise immediately, AgilQuest has selected Curtis Knapp to lead the new unit. “Our clients have told us they need support for their entire workplace, both agile and traditional,” says John Vivadelli, AgilQuest’s CEO. “Curtis Knapp’s reputation for delivering cost savings through traditional workplace optimization dovetails beautifully with our ability to measure and manage all workplace types.”

With its OnBoard® hoteling solution and AgilWork TM training for mobile workers and their managers, AgilQuest has become synonymous with innovative technologies and expertise that measure and manage alternative work environments and collaborative space. In recent years AgilQuest has introduced its Commander Platform TM software in support of a Usage Information Model that measures and manages traditional, permanently assigned workplaces. Customers applauded and immediately asked for consulting services to maximize the benefits. AgilQuest is now expanding the company to address those demands and help customers leverage the business intelligence which the OnBoard and Commander Platform provide.

“Joining AgilQuest was a no-brainer for me,” says Curtis Knapp, Executive Director. “Whether it’s meeting mobility needs, providing a dedicated workspace, delivering savings to a cost cutting initiative, or all three combined, AgilQuest’s data-driven, fact-based methodology enables confidence in a client’s decision-making.” Knapp’s new Workplace Services division will leverage AgilQuest’s platforms to consistently, continuously, and systematically address the performance of a real estate portfolio and deliver both operational and strategic value in areas as diverse as: real estate cost reduction; sustainability improvement by reducing carbon foot print and energy consumption; continuity of operations (COOP) and business resiliency; Telework and employee mobility; and hoteling, conference room, video room and move management. This combination of new and traditional workplace program services and support technologies provides a unique, single source solution for a client’s entire portfolio of space.

Knapp’s 20+ years of experience was gained serving clients listed on Fortune’s Global 1000 while employed by Jones Lang LaSalle, Cushman & Wakefield and Hellmuth Obata + Kassabaum.

Organizations with many offices now have access to expertise to analyze and plan, the technology to measure and manage the utilization of their space, and the training to keep productivity maximized as real estate costs and carbon footprint are reduced.

More information on AgilQuest’s new Workplace Services can be found at or by contacting Curtis Knapp at (804) 474-4914 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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AgilQuest Corporation is dedicated to making an organization’s workplace as agile as its workforce. Founded in 1994, AgilQuest is the provider of software, services and patented technology to, measure and manage the assignment of permanent workspaces, the scheduling of shared and collaborative workspaces, and analytics of the actual use of space.

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