Employee and Management courses ease the transition to an Agile Workplace

AgilQuest Corporation today announced AgilWork e-Learning Solutions, a computer based learning management system designed to ease the transition from a traditional work environment to a new flexible workplace for knowledge workers and their managers.  

Many organizations today find their real estate largely unused as employees perform their work outside of the traditional office.  This “telework” creates the opportunity to cut occupancy costs significantly, by tens or hundreds of millions of dollars through the use of desk sharing strategies (hoteling, AWS, hotdesking, etc.) where mobile workers reserve a desk or office from a pool of shared workspaces throughout the organization’s portfolio of space when and where they need one.

As with the implementation of any new business process, workers and their managers must be comfortable with the transition and trained to adapt quickly to it. AgilWork e-Learning Solutions provide the knowledge and comfort level they need.

  • The two initial courses are the AgilWork e-Learning Employee Course and the AgilWork e-Learning Manager Course.
  • The employee course shows workers how to stay visible and connected to the home office, how to maintain accountability and credibility and manage their time, workload and performance.
  • The manager course shows leaders how to improve performance while maintaining highly effective interaction, collaboration, and teamwork.

“As a leader in the virtual workplace AgilQuest now provides an integrated solution that the information technology and human resources disciplines are sure to value,” said John Vivadelli, AgilQuest’s president and founder.  “Our customers have asked us for new and innovative ways to train their leadership on distributed workforce management and their mobile workforce to work from home and other offsite places.”

About AgilQuest Corporation

AgilQuest provides systematic business solutions that help organizations maximize the use of their facilities and workspaces while enabling people to work whenever and wherever they need to work.  AgilQuest products and services identify the workers who are the most mobile and have the least need for dedicated office space which can then be divested or used for expansion. AgilQuest customers have the information they need to make real estate and facility decisions that result in tens of millions of dollars in cost savings or avoidance while providing a work environment that attracts and retains the best talent.  Please visit the AgilQuest web site at www.agilquest.com.

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