OnBoard IPPI® interface measures desk use and manages shared workspaces.

AgilQuest announced that Cisco® VoIP phones can now be used to measure desk use, enable free address or hoteling, and reserve conference rooms instantly.

Cisco has certified the integration of OnBoard® Workplace Management System and its IPPI® interface with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 7.

IPPI interface on a Cisco VoIP phone uses the same pin/password combination normally used to activate the phone and catalogs this action to measure actual use. In a hoteling or free address scenario, IPPI interface displays workspace availability and allows a person to simply activate their phone as the way of indicating their choice of place to work. In conference rooms, it allows people to walk up, book the space or check-in to a previous booking. Without any further action, the OnBoard system catalogs this uses for strategic measurement and can even release the room if no check-in was detected.

Finally, there is a way to leverage your investment in Cisco VoIP to increase workplace productivity and to identify empty desks. Every desk and conference room use is measured over time using your existing phone system instead of intrusive desk or seat monitors, sensors or expensive people-counting cameras. Now management can act confidently to divest of unused real estate and save many tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

AgilQuest has joined the Cisco Developer Network to add functionality and value for customers with strategic investments in Cisco phones and systems. AgilQuest is unique in providing customers a way to immediately leverage their phones to not only communicate with others, but to maximize the utilization of office space and reduce the burden of commercial real estate and energy costs on the bottom line.

The integration of OnBoard and Cisco phones creates a strategic value to organizations, and an operational value to individual workers," said John Vivadelli, CEO of AgilQuest. "Organizations get a viable and cost effective way for measuring the use of every workspace which can have a dramatic financial benefit, while individuals have a simple way for finding and choosing shared assets.

More information about quickly measuring actual use of space with AgilQuest's OnBoard IPPI interface is available at http://www.agilquest.com/solutions/workplace-utilization.

For more information about using AgilQuest's OnBoard IPPI interface for office hoteling, please go to http://www.agilquest.com/solutions/workplace-utilization.

Information about reserving conference rooms on Cisco phones with AgilQuest's OnBoard IPPI interface can be found at http://www.agilquest.com/solutions/workplace-utilization.
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