Corporate Space Planners now have a new way of determining how much workspace their organization actually needs. AgilQuest has announced a process for using actual use data from various infrastructure systems as the basis for a tailored Usage Information Model™ (UIM.)

The UIM provides space planners with the two key workforce and workplace measurements that they need in the planning process:

  1.     how much space does each individual actually use, and
  2.     how often is each workspace actually used.

Corporate executives can then decide to implement or expand an agile workplace where underutilized workspaces are eliminated and their assigned workers instead reserving a workspace from a shared pool of workspaces.

Traditionally space planners base their needs on departmental requests for space and by using manual methods for determining if people are actually using their workspace. These short-term, visual checks, referred to as “bed checks” usually take place over a short period of time and measure only a sample of the workplace rather than the entire workplace.

The AgilQuest UIM is an operational model that uses data collected for any building or across the entire corporate real estate portfolio on a continual basis.  The model integrates with building infrastructure systems, such as security systems, telephony systems, and room reservation systems which recognize when people enter the building and use their assigned or scheduled workspace.  These presence events are captured and maintained in a data warehouse that AgilQuest calls the Commander Data Warehouse.

The UIM formalizes two levels of data that need to be considered in the planning process.  They are the Scheduled or Assigned Use of each workspace, and the Actual Use of each workspace.  The UIM uses the four layers of space planning data (inventory, allocation, scheduled use, and actual use) to create the business intelligence needed for corporate planners to make real estate decisions based on actual use.

John Vivadelli, AgilQuest’s president and founder says, “AgilQuest’s UIM acts very much like an organization’s financial system, tracking daily workplace transactions and then rolling them up over time to give management a picture of the performance of their second largest expense and largest balance sheet item – real estate and related workplace assets. The UIM provides corporate executives with the confidence that they are making real estate decisions based on ‘actual’ use of space rather than the more traditional ‘planned’ use of space,”

The UIM, based on AgilQuest’s Commander, provides valuable data analysis and trending information that enables organizations to actively manage current and future real-estate utilization to reduce real estate overhead.

“ For example,” said Mr. Vivadelli, “one of our clients uses their UIM to produce a graph that shows, over time, the number of employees assigned to a facility, the number of workspaces provided at the facility, the number of assigned and reserved workspaces, and the number of spaces actually used.  This client can easily see its return on investment (the difference between employees assigned and workplaces provided) and can also easily see if it can reduce total spaces and increase their ROI even further.”

Their graph shows the relationship of the workspace inventory, how much is scheduled to be used and how much is actually used for the total enterprise or for any of the operational departments.


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Other outputs would be reports showing, for example, the size of each workspace, how it is allocated, who it is assigned to, its size, cost, and utilization.  The report could then calculate the cost of under-utilization, and be sorted from most to least costly.  This would identify the true mobile workforce who would appear at the top of this report while the total cost of underutilization would appear at the bottom of the report.  This information is vital for space planners, financial managers, and corporate executives.
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AgilQuest Corporation is dedicated to making an organization’s workplace as agile as its workforce.  Founded in 1994 AgilQuest is the provider of the OnBoard Workplace Management Solution which uses patented technology and uniquely monitors, measures, and manages the assignment of permanent workspaces, the scheduling of shared workspaces, and the actual use of all workspaces.

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