AgilQuest to host discussion panel on smart buildings, telework programs and budget shifting

Federal and commercial experts will discuss the rapidly-evolving government workplace and how compliance with Telework mandates are affecting agency buildings, workers, policies and budgets. This web-based panel discussion will be held April 12 at 1:00 pm EDT.

Beginning in June 2011, every federal agency is to report on their progress towards the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010. However, the policies, tools and cultural changes to implement these changes take time and money. Four other mandates related to COOP, flexible workplace and real estate reduction also require agency attention and action. Several agencies have already had success and support from business has been strong.

AgilQuest will host a panel discussion asking experts how agencies are complying with these mandates and preparing to report to Congress. Questions will include how Federal agencies are modernizing their workplace, how they are shaping policy and deploying technology, and what they are doing in light of the new budget realities.

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The one hour webinar will explore how GSA is blending technology, smart buildings, and careful planning to rapidly evolve their workplace, meet these mandates, and uncover ways to reduce costs and fund these critical changes. The panelists will share the capabilities and options available immediately to accelerate agency Telework programs and ready themselves for the reporting deadlines. This moderated panel will also share their vision of the government workplace and how it is evolving into a more attractive place to work and better fit into today's budgets.

The panel includes:

Larry Melton, Assistant Commissioner of Facilities Management & Services Programs, GSA
Rob Murchison, co-founder, Intelligent Buildings
John Vivadelli, CEO, AgilQuest
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