Unique combination improves workplace utilization and reduces office vacancy

General Services Administration (GSA) has selected AgilQuest Corporation to provide the necessary expertise, systems and resources to achieve real estate cost cutting goals, improve sustainability and enable workplace flexibility as mandated by the White House and Congress. Agencies throughout the federal government turn to GSA for proven solutions and GSA counts on AgilQuest technology and AgilQuest Workplace Services to develop the blueprint for other agencies to comply with these mandates.

In June 2010, President Obama directed federal agencies to generate $8 billion in savings by 2012 through the elimination of excess real estate and related spending while moving toward a clean energy economy.

He wrote, “For decades, the federal government, the largest property owner and energy user in the United States, has managed more real estate than necessary to effectively support its programs and missions. Both taxpayer dollars and energy resources are being wasted to maintain these excess assets.”

All federal departments and agencies are to determine the use of their portfolios, increase the utilization of the most cost effective properties and divest of the rest. The US Government owns or leases about 354 million square feet in more than 2,200 localities and relies on General Services Administration to act as the “landlord”.

GSA has responded quickly and has taken the leadership role in achieving the President’s objective. They contracted with AgilQuest to advise them on building the policies, procedures and structure of their new workplace strategy and implement processes and systems to measure the actual use of real estate and manage its day to day operations. This approach ensures a successful and rapid adoption of the new workplace strategy, increase the utilization of current facilities, improve space planning methods when sizing future facilities, and divesting of that which is vacant.

By acting quickly and decisively, GSA positions itself to act as an expert consultant to guide other government agencies through evaluating, deploying and managing workplace solutions to meet the requirements of the Telework Enhancement Act and the Presidential Memorandum on Disposing of Unneeded Federal Real Estate, as well as supporting the President’s Council of Economic Advisors recommendations for workplace flexibility. By applying AgilQuest’s unique combination of technology and services, GSA can address a broad range of needs and requirements from these mandates efficiently and effectively.

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About General Services Administration
As the federal government's workplace solutions provider, the U.S. General Services Administration works to foster an effective, sustainable and transparent government for the American people.

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AgilQuest makes an organization’s workplace as agile as its workforce. Founded in 1994, AgilQuest Corporation is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that delivers value by reducing real estate costs, lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions, and improving workplace flexibility and organizational resiliency. AgilQuest is the single source for workplace services expertise and patented technology to advise, measure and manage traditional and agile office space. Business and government rely on AgilQuest to measure the actual use of office space consistently, continuously, and systematically over time and then manage permanently assigned office space, shared workspaces (hoteling), and conference rooms to improve profitability, sustainability and agility.

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