New functionality increases worker productivity and report accuracy in AgilQuest's OnBoard 5.2

AgilQuest, a leading provider of workplace and workforce management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of new functionality and improved user interfaces in its OnBoard software that increases worker and manager productivity, improves the accuracy of key system reports and speeds deliver of answers to support daily operations and strategic decision making.

Prior versions of OnBoard succeeded in managing office space by measuring the actual use of space, reserving hot desks and collaborative space like conference rooms, and reporting utilization to decision makers. The evolutionary new version 5 of OnBoard delivers new gains by focusing on making the workers and the users more productive, so they continue to generate revenue for the organization and collect better data to drive more accuracy from the reports.

Corporations with lots of office space found much of it is underutilized because workers have become more mobile. Those who have implemented prior versions of OnBoard can better manage their space, both reservable office hoteling space and permanently assigned office space. Once they made their space more productive, they turned their attention to making the workers more productive. Customers asked "can you make the screens even easier?" and "can we reserve desks from the phone and conference rooms from mobile devices?"

Customer requests for more productivity enhancements and AgilQuest's on-going mission to support the workforce drove the design for the new version of OnBoard. The user interfaces are now friendlier, easier to use and need little training to drive additional gains in worker productivity. Accessing the system is now possible via more interfaces, such as mobile phones, to increase user adoption. The value of reports to line managers as well as senior management have been improved with a brand new reporting platform and the increased accuracy of data from better user adoption. The overall system is faster and requires fewer IT resources due to improvements in data archiving and enterprise-level management of telephony and kiosks.

"OnBoard 5.2 is the latest step in our strategy of focusing on the productivity of the workforce," said Torrance Houlihan, Director of Product management. "Based on feedback from our customers we streamlined the core functions our software and redesigned the interface to make sure we are delivering exactly what people need to be effective in an easy to use and friendly interface."

AgilQuest's new version of OnBoard dramatically extends the value of prior versions by adding workforce productivity and improved reporting to the existing workplace and workforce management success of prior versions.

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