New optimization service meets growth needs within existing office space allocation

AgilQuest announced a new service offering for federal government agencies to help comply with the latest Office of Management and Budget mandate on right-sizing real estate. Real Estate Optimization Service (REOS) combines technology and workplace services to optimize existing office space to support workers and growth without exceeding current inventory.

Acting OMB Director Jeffrey Zients issued memorandum M-12-12 to clarify direction related to appropriate and cost effective spending by federal agencies. The most impactful message was in Section 3:

"agencies shall not increase the size of their civilian real estate inventory.... Acquisition of new Federal building space... must be offset through consolidation, co-location, or disposal of space from the inventory of that agency."

Affected government agencies must still achieve their missions, but must do so within the existing square footage of office space. With each worker's desk maintained by an agency costing between $10,000 and $14,000 per year, limiting the real estate required will help contain the associated costs, but now agencies will face the tough question of how to support their growing workforce with no additional physical space.

AgilQuest's Workplace Services team has combined their Baseline Utilization Analysis, Cultural Readiness Surveys, and R.E. optimization plan development with AgilQuest's Commander BI and OnBoard technologies to assess current utilization, plan for and implement optimization via hoteling, telework and workplace redesign. The individual components have been used by GSA, FDA, TIGTA, GAO and CDC to reach specific goals and compliance, but now a complete package is available to help agencies meet their missions, new mandates, reporting requirements and workforce needs comprehensively.

About OMB Memorandum M-12-12 and AgilQuest's Optimization Service (REOS)