Commander BI - Workplace Business Intelligence

Commander BI is Big Data software that provides business intelligence for the workplace. It summarizes, analyzes and reports on historical actual office space utilization data from desks and meeting rooms to support corporate real estate, workplace strategists and space planners.

The higher degree of accuracy Commander BI improves strategic real estate decision making on the order of millions or tens of millions in annual occupancy cost savings… without risking productivity.

The believability and completeness of the data gives Operations and Workplace Strategy the hard facts to counter business unit and manager level resistance and to know precisely which staff are candidates for mobile work or Telework.

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The only analysis software that identifies millions in occupancy savings and supports strategic real estate decisions with accurate, portfolio-wide, office space utilization reports that don't require manual bed checks or surveys.

Workplace utilization data and reporting with the accuracy and believability necessary for making the best office space allocation decisions and quelling departmental pushback.