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Workplace Management Software

The OnBoard Workplace Management System is workplace expertise codified into business software to seat more people into fewer desks and to maximize the utilization of meeting rooms and video conference resources.

OnBoard is the automated system, workflow and business rules, which give today's mobile worker a guaranteed place to work when they are in the office and support the visibility and control managers need to reach performance goals.

OnBoard delivers hoteling for shared desks, room booking and catering for conference rooms, and provides the centralized robust reservation management and operational data that large enterprises and global organizations need for a modern, productive workplace.

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OnBoard Reservation Software

OnBoard's software makes it easy to reliably reserve collaboration spaces such as meeting rooms, video conference rooms, and project rooms. Making it easy to meet and collaborate in the office environment can boost productivity, engagement and innovation.

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The Value of OnBoard

OnBoard is a very practical realization of the phrase "doing more with less." When you optimize your workplace with OnBoard, you are helping your physical office do more and you are using less at the same time. The results are visible for everyone involved.

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  • OnBoard Interfaces

    OnBoard provides many interfaces to best fit large, global corporations and federal government agencies. Each is designed to reach specific functional needs and improve user adoption.   


  • OnBoard Features

    The numerous features and capabilities of OnBoard were designed to meet specific operational needs and support mobile workplace culture within the organization. OnBoard's features allow AgilQuest to stand out compared to other vendors in the ability to tailor to large enterprise and global organizations and to provide the depth of functionality and nuance necessary for workplace program success. Learn more about technical requirements for OnBoard and our other products here.

  • OnBoard Editions

    With multiple editions of OnBoard available, AgilQuest's renouned software provides desk sharing and conference room management to companies of all sizes and shapes. Whether needing a large-scale, on-premise enterprise solution when consolidating multiple buildings into a smaller footprint, or a cloud-based solution for managing meeting space for 20 - 100 licenses, organizations can rely on the OnBoard Workplace Management System to deliver freedom and flexibility to your people.

    The "Gold Standard" in workplace management solutions, OnBoard helps people maximize utilization of shared desks and conference rooms while minimizing expensive real-estate and resource costs, regardless of the size of organization.

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