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Resources for Workplace Strategy & Management

Resources for your workplace program, corporate Real Estate decision-making, and human capital strategy.

  • Webinars

    Webinars on Hoteling, Space Utilization & Workplace Strategies

    AgilQuest's Agile Workplace Leaders series are educational lectures and panel discussions from the leaders and innovators in the alternative workplace strategy arena.

    These free, live web-based events are meant to benefit and support your workplace plans and programs. AgilQuest's webinars are not focused on our hoteling and office utilization technologies, but rather on the techniques and methods for making the most of your program regardless of which vendors you choose.

    Most Agile Workplace Leaders webinars are recorded and archived here for your reference and on-demand listening. Where possible, the slide decks and other valuable documents from each are available for download.

  • Whitepapers, Reference Guides and Checklists

    AgilQuest's website serves as a library or collection of information related to office space management, alternative workplace strategies, hoteling, Smart Occupancy and Smart Buildings.

    Here you will find whitepapers with data, insight and opinion, reference guides from workplace experts and real world experience, well-seasoned advice and guidance in the form of helpful, ready-to-print checklists, archived webinars, and more. These resources are provided as valuable aids for business, government and research.

  • Product Datasheets

    Download the AgilQuest Product Datasheets for a complete overview of the workplace solutions that can help your organization enhance worker mobility, reduce office space costs and improve efficiency with accurate utilization data.

  • Case Studies

  • News and Events

  • Videos

    AgilQuest’s focus goes far beyond just software. We provide workplace solutions that give your people and your organization the tools needed to be productive and efficient.

    Part of our commitment to helping people become more effective is by offering educational opportunities around workplace change management, and insight into current trends in the technology landscape from leading industry experts. View our past webinars and other informational materials about products and services from AgilQuest.

  • Work-a-pedia

    AgilQuest's Work-A-Pedia is an online reference or source for definitions of workplace program related terms and methods. Here you will find quick, helpful definitions for phrases and concepts such as hoteling, actual use of space, presence detection, and so forth.

  • Portals

    Collections of information for specific segments or interests