Case Studies

Booz Allen Hamilton has succeeded in increasing innovation, engaging its employees, connecting with customers, and reducing real estate costs. This eye-opening case study from Work Design Magazine shows what the BAH space looks like and captures the feel of the resulting work environment straight from interviews with the employees and leaders.

US Customs & Border Protection (CBP), with the help of AgilQuest's OnBoard and Commander BI, recently underwent a tremendous space consolidation at their Washington DC headquarters, housed within the Department of Homeland Security.

GSA transformed the workplace at its historic headquarters and consolidated multiple Washington DC leases into just one to save over $24 million per year and drive higher employee engagement and productivity. Work Design Magazine carefully studied the success GSA achieved, interviewed many key players, and produced the stunning video below and even more-detailed case study.

AgilQuest is proud that our flagship technologies, OnBoard and Commander BI, and our Smart Occupancy and Smart Buildings are core components of this overwhelming success at GSA.