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Product Datasheets

Download the AgilQuest Product Datasheets for a complete overview of the workplace solutions that can help your organization enhance worker mobility, reduce office space costs and improve efficiency with accurate utilization data.

OnBoard Product Datasheet

OnBoard is a workplace management solution combining patented room scheduling software and workplace expertise to support mobile workers, improve worker-to-workspace ratio, reduce office space costs in large organizations and deliver accurate operational occupancy data.  Find out how the OnBoard® Workplace Management System can help your organization support the changing needs of the workforce while maintaining productivity and reducing the cost of the workplace.  This product datasheet provides an overview of the core capabilities, features and functions of the latest version of OnBoard.

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Commander BI Datasheet

Commander BI is workplace technology and expertise that measures space utilization and delivers accurate portfolio-wide data for informed decision-making.  Download the datasheet to find out how Commander BI delivers office space utilization data accurate enough to support decisions at all levels within the organization and consistent enough to be useful at all locations in the portfolio.  This product datasheet provides an overview of the core capabilities, features and functions of the latest version of Commander BI.

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OnBoard Professional Datasheet

OnBoard Professional is the same software as OnBoard Enterprise, but hosted in the cloud for a faster, hassle-free deployment.  Already pre-configured with best practices, the Professional edition is great for organizations looking for a solution for conference room management or a small number of hoteling spaces.  

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Complete Smart Occupancy

Organizations today are aiming to reach "Smart Occupancy," or high utilization with high productivity, all while doing more with less.  To achieve this goal, a complete solution is required, including technology, training, consulting and support. Find out more about the complete solution to achieving Smart Occupancy at your workplace in the datasheet.

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OnBoard OnDemand Datasheet

The workplace optimization technology, OnBoard, is now available "in the cloud" to speed deployment and reduce IT needs. OnBoard OnDemand provides the same reservation management, phone switching and operational reporting in a faster-to-deploy and easier-to-support model.

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OnBoard Mobile Apps Datasheet

The ability to use OnBoard on native interfaces for smartphones make users happy, they help reach workplace goals, and they make buildings more efficient.  OnBoard for iPhone and Android, and Scout for Blackberry and other smartphones allow users to find a desk or meeting room and book it whether they are in the office, at home or on the road.

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OnBoard Room Kiosk Datasheet

Two-way interactive digital signage that runs on a Windows tablet, OnBoard Room Kiosk makes it easy to find meeting space through this highly visual interface with real-time reservation information from the OnBoard system. This OnBoard interface provides another easy and reliable option for users to find meetings rooms and workspaces just when they're needed.

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