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Modern workplace technologies have provided people and organizations a tremendous amount of options for best utilizing space and resources - from out of box solutions available with common office tools by Microsoft or Google to simple digital signage, to a customizable software system. The key is determining what will work best for your people. This guide will help you determine your needs depending on the size and style of your workforce, the amount of technological resources at your disposal and the type of problems you are looking to solve.

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Implementing a hoteling and telework program in the workplace can bring a host of benefits to many organizations. By giving employees more freedom of choice in where they can produce their best work increases productivity and employee happiness while offering organizations opportunities to cut high real estate costs. To ensure a hoteling program is successful however, it will take a great deal of planning and preparation. Get started here with these 5 keys to ensuring a successful hoteling program.

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More of today’s top talent are seeking organizations that can provide the freedom to choose the best place to work, whether it’s at a desk, on the train, or from a home office. When people can work in an environment best suited for them, they are more productive and engaged, and organizations can save tremendous amounts of money in real estate and resource costs.

The first step to entering a workplace transformation is knowing what options are available. In this eBook we will explore different types of work environments that can be incorporated into your organization with the help of the AgilQuest system.

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The workplace analytics platform Commander BI crunches Big Data from numerous sources and produces reports, dashboards and visualizations to answer the biggest and toughest questions facing organizations with offices, desks and meeting rooms. While Commander BI comes with a large number of pre-built reports and widgets, the self-service module allows users and I.T. professionals to create new and customized reports, widgets and purposebuilt dashboards. This large range of visualizations and reports provides answers to questions which can be best understood with examples by functional role or need. We’ve designed this handy guide to what questions Commander BI can answer for you.

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Decisions about how much office space you need and which kinds of desks and meeting rooms produce the best results have been tough to get right and difficult to calculate... until now. AgilQuest’s Commander BI collects workplace data from many sources, crunches your Big Data, and produces the visualizations, dashboards and reports you need to answer to support big decisions.

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Your employees are complaining about not being able to find meeting rooms and the space you do have is either being mis-used or double booked.  So what do you do without moving to a larger space or knocking down walls?  We've gathered 9 ways to find more meeting space and make it easier for your people to meet and collaborate without hassle. 

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Your goal for an attractive, flexible "Workplace of the Future" has been set, but you also know you cannot be successful without the necessary resources and support.  In the first phase to rolling out a successful Workplace Program, it is important to get internal support and a budget.  Download the infographic to walk you through the 5 steps to securing the budget so you can get started on Phase 2!

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Managing Conference Rooms can often lead to frustration and disconnect among workers and managers, when done effectively, can transform your workplace environment. This guide will help you bring about more collaboration with less effort, leverage technology, minimize conflict, eliminate misuse of meeting space, and bring about higher utilization without costly renovations.

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Continuing operations and business resiliency during weather events, natural disasters and man-made situations is critical for large organizations who value their people and providing uninterrupted service to their customers. AgilQuest has assembled the following resources to help guide you, your department and your organization in ways to prepare for and maintain operations during severe weather or similar situations.

They consolidated buildings, started hoteling and fully automated building services with Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings

Just like every government agency, GSA faced ever‐increasing real estate and energy costs with less and less budget. Legislation and executive orders also meant they had to cut unnecessary office space and shift more workers to telework... all without lowering productivity and while attracting the new generation of workers.

The duties of the hoteling support staff and the services they provide for daily hotelers and executives are critical, but there is little information published on "how to do it right". During a recent AgilQuest Workplace Leaders webinar, a leading consulting firm explained how essential these duties and service were to adoption and, ultimately, the success of the hoteling program.

Due to your many questions about "what should the concierges and admins be doing on a regular basis", we've compiled the following list as a starting point for your program.

Smart Occupancy is a workplace strategy that maximizes workplace efficiency, workforce productivity and organizational sustainability by implementing process and technology to balance freedom and flexibility with measurement and control. Learn more about the Smart Occupancy Strategy and what it means to all aspects of the workplace in the white paper.

Demonstrating their leadership and vision in the federal government workplace, GSA upgraded their headquarters installation to connect the capabilities of Smart Occupancy and Smart Buildings and Book-IT, their rebranded version of OnBoard, to maximize efficiency and support for their workforce. By implementing Smart Occupancy first, they were able to transition employees to a hoteling program, reducing the amount of needed space; then turned the remaining square feet into an efficient Smart Building that supports a productive, mobile workforce. This is the story of their success.

In this document, you will not only learn about the different methods for checking-in to a workspace or conference room reservation, but also learn several reasons why checking in is so important to an organization. 

In this quick guide, find the answer to "How do we get executive commitment, convince workers to embrace the changes and help mid-level managers to overcome their fears?"

Everything a TMO or federal agency needs to know to assure their telework program deploys quickly and successfully.

A guide to help managers formalize a department or business-wide mobile officing arrangements within their organization.

The Whys and Hows of measuring use of space, rather than tracking inventory, to optimize the workspace and support mobility. What does adding a Utilization column do for the value of your reports?

Facility managers are focused on real estate performance, senior management concentrate on profitability and revenue, and workers rely on technology to support mobility, but in traditional efforts real property is still 50% to 70% vacant. This presentation, given at World Workplace 2005, shows how to reach further savings and details

Facility Management as practiced today is an oxymoron. True facility management requires accurate, and actual, utilization data. What are the top ten questions in Workplace Management?

Read about a Real Estate strategy that increases worker productivity and workplace satisfaction while creating dramatic cost savings at the same time. Find out how The Agile Workplace works.

Gartner estimates that over 54 million employees are currently involved in some form of remote work. How do you manage it so it yields positive results and productivity?

What do businesses need from mobile officing? What about the workers? How do enterprises use software to meet these needs?

The "Network of Space" is the Real Estate Equivalent to the Internet. No Single Point of Failure can Disable the System and Nodes can be Added or Removed with Ease.

Thank you for requesting the white paper on GSA's 1800F sucess with Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings.  Find out here how they consolidated buildings, started hoteling and fully automated building services to achieve amazing results.




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