Being prepared for weather related emergencies, natural disasters or even man-made catastrophes is vital to business continuity. Staying resilient means that in the event of a large scale emergency, you can continue to provide for your customers and give your employees access to information related to the workplace when it is most critical.

Winter Weather PreparednessNo one can really know when we will wake up to an unexpected snowstorm or other natural disaster, especially as it seems in recent years. For large organizations that care about the safety of employees who may try to make it in to the office, as well as customers that live outside of that organization's affected area and may rely on that business to continue operations, it is essential to have a business continuity plan.

AgilQuest has assembled a number of Winter Weather resources to guide you in preparing for the unexpected. In the Winter Weather Tips and Guides section of, you can download a number of documents to help you form a Business Continuity Checklist, including Winter Weather Tips for Telework and Office Workers, a guide for Preparing Your Department for Winter Weather, and a pair of helpful recorded webinars - Don't Get Stuck in the Snow! Digging Into Business Continuity and COOP and Giving People the Right Office and Workplace Choices.

Visit to download the business continuity materials to get ahead of a disaster with your own business continuity checklist.

For more information on business continuity and winter weather preparedness, contact our workplace specialists today!

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