Freedom and Flexibility for the Workforce, Profitability and Sustainability for the Workplace

Mashable Article Asks, "What Does Workplace Flexibility Mean in 2017?"

A recent article published on Mashable explores the rising popularity of "work-life integration," and how workplace flexibility is attracting top talent and increasing productivity for many companies.

'"People want to feel like they can be their authentic selves in the workplace. Part of having a work culture that supports that means flexibility and transparency, because that is how top talent will be successful,” says Eileen Carey, CEO of Glassbreakers,' which is why, according to Mashable's research for the article, much of the emerging workforce sees flexibility not so much as an employee perk, but a norm.

Companies are finding that offering flexible work schedules and options for working at home or at a client-site not only raise their profile among the talent pool, but also make great tools for team productivity. 

Still, according to the article, industry plays a part in what flexible options make sense for a given company.

Read the article at Mashable.

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