Booz Allen Hamilton has succeeded in increasing innovation, engaging its employees and reducing real estate costs. This eye-opening case study from Work Design Magazine takes you through the halls of the improved Booz Allen space and explores how AgilQuest's OnBoard technology helped improve the "personal ROI" for employees. 

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Innovation Center is a stunning example of how the integration of people, space and technology can foster community, collaboration and cost savings. 

Over the course of the past ten years, Booz Allen migrated to a more flexible work environment in their Washington-DC area offices. The changes center around the concept of offering a workplace that fits the work-style of their employees. As a major consulting firm, some employees spend most of their time at a client site while others may work in the office 30%, 80%, 100% of the time. A traditional work environment where everyone has a designated desk just didn't make cultural or financial sense.

With the support of AgilQuest technology, Booz Allen has positioned themselves at the center of a solution that integrates people, space and technology.

  • Key results include:Improved work-life balance and increased "personal ROI" for employees
  • Attracted and retained talent
  • Reinvested savings created by a smaller real estate footprint in a more efficient "network of space"
  • Increased productivity by giving employees more choice in where, how, and when they work

Visit to see a video of the changes they've made, and download the case study to learn exactly how they reinvented their space and what's next for the Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center.

Watch the Video Case Study Here:

booz allen workplace case study tn 2

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