Moving from traditional office culture to telework requires managers who know how to manage a remote workforce and workers who can perform, communicate, and collaborate in the new mobile workplace. All need skills beyond just how to use technology; they need to know how to work remotely and that requires new "how to work" training.

Whether the workforce is a commercial one or within a government agency, telework brings with it new kinds of communication and collaboration. Assigning tasks, asking questions, sharing information and just checking in will be new, different and exciting. In many cases, this change will be daunting or trading in one's desk for the ability to work from home may seem like a "loss". The workforce will need better understanding and new skills to work, collaborate and perform. Training is critical to both mindset and skillset. It is also critical to workers and their managers.

AgilWork e-Learning modules are on-demand, self-paced web training sessions which lead users through the ideas, practices and changes in the telework-enabled workplace. These modules are designed to prepare managers and workers for producing and collaborating even when remote. As an on-demand resource, these same modules are readily accessible as a reference or refresher whenever a manager has a question about how to manage remote workers or when a teleworker needs help communicating or participating or excelling from home, the road or a shared desk at the office.

Our web-based training is easy to scale as your program expands and evolves, making the training accessible to your workforce in minutes. Our library of modules blends Work Practice and Work Place into a holistic and integrated approach, providing employees and managers with the skills and confidence needed to ensure maximum performance and satisfaction in the workplace.

Your workforce will appreciate the level of choice as they decide when and where to take the training to accommodate their busy schedules. Employees can also select the modules that support their workstyle and how it can make them more productive. Realistic scenarios, mentors, and multiple activities keeps everyone engaged and optimizes their learning experience.

  • Work Practice "How" to Work
  • Manage a Distributed Team
  • Working In a Distributed Team
  • Using Your Technology
  • Mobility Best Practices
  • Sustainable Behavior
  • The New Work Place and How to Use It
  • Work Space Types and Guidelines
  • Working in Your Green Building
  • Health, Safety & Security in Your Work Place
  • Making the Move to Your New Work Place
  • Setting up a High-Performing Home Office

When implementing a new workplace program or working to overcome inertia and gain buy-in for existing programs, AgilWork e-Learning modules on how to work in the new workplace are a proven, successful solution. They are a perfect complement to our face-to-face technology training and our product-specific e-Learning modules.