Full Listing of the First Half of 2016 Webinar Series

The educational webinar series this year follows a single thread, how making changes in the workplace leads to results throughout the organization, and continues week after week to deliver expert advice, front line experience, and best practices month after month.

This year’s webinars are aligned topic-wise to give you several perspectives at once and grouped time-wise to deliver advice and insight in these areas within a shortened period. You can gather more of what you need to get started and achieve success sooner while still accomplishing everything else on your calendar.

All sessions are now available as archived recordings.  Please select the individual webinars you wish to view below.

Get started with how needs are changing right now and what forward-looking businesses and government have done recently to deal with and prepare for these changes:

The Next Generation Workplace

Understanding the next generation of workers and what space planning and technology need to do to prepare for them.

Presented by Kay Sargent, LendLease

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Modern Examples of Designing a Better Workplace

An inside look at 9 organizations from different sectors who are making workplace changes to keep up with today’s workers and the competitive landscape.

Presented by FOX Architects, HKS, and Gensler

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Make the best use of your resources and get the most from your making changes with:

Being a Good Customer of Design

Prepare your plans to get the most from designers and consultants as you ask them to develop and build the changes that will help you reach your workplace goals.

Presented by HKS

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Rescheduled - TBA

Getting a Real Return from Workplace Investments

Making sure that the entire organization, from IT to HR to RE, gets measurable benefit from and participates eagerly in your workplace changes.

Presented by Steve Teubner, FOX Architects



Choose the best path for your culture and make the right decisions for your organization as you execute change with better insight into what is happening within your walls and your workers’ lives:


How Data Informs Workplace Design & Change

Understanding space and choice needs from the people perspective by using survey results and utilization data from your actual workplace.

Presented by Gensler & AgilQuest

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Wednesday, June 22 | 1pm ET

The Free Range Workplace

Taking user-centered design into consideration when also designing a workplace that has a by-the-square-foot cost.

Presented by Gensler

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