Technology is turning more people into mobile workers every day, but the office remains the best place for collaboration and innovation. You probably already have a telework or hoteling program to support people who are working outside the office, but what are you doing to make the workplace attractive and enticing and where people want to work? What amenities and environments can you create to promote the collisions and the unplanned collaborations that lead to great new ideas and build that sense of community the organization really needs in order to thrive?

Join us for a lively panel discussion and presentation on the techniques, approaches and changes being implemented and tested to counter the isolation often brought by technology, to attract top talent, and to offset the "loss of desk" and "loss of team" commonly reported in cutting-edge workplace change programs. Hear what other workplaces are doing, learn what the leaders and researchers are discovering about the new workplace, and ask your own questions of the assembled panel of industry experts and practitioners.

What you'll hear:

  • Workplace design elements that make a difference in engagement
  • Innovation centers and specific environments that encourage collaboration
  • Techniques for sparking innovation in specific kinds of workers
  • First-hand examples of easy home runs and mistakes to avoid
  • The new amenities that today's workforce really loves

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Janet Pogue McLaurin, AIA, IIDA, LEED® AP
Gensler, Principal
Guest faculty at Harvard LILA

Janet is focused on many of Gensler's workplace and headquarters projects. She was instrumental in Gensler's 2008 and 2013 Workplace Surveys and in developing the Workplace Performance Index® tool, which measures workplace effectiveness. Janet takes an active role on key projects across the firm and is responsible for strategic planning, mobility studies, and innovative workplace environments for a wide variety of client types, including government and private sector energy, financial, and digital technology. Clients include GSA, Capital One, CEB, Gallup, Symantec, 3M and Amgen.


Cheryl Duvall, FIIDA, MSOD
Avance, LLC, President

Cheryl Duvall is founder of Avancé, LLC, a consulting firm linking workplace design with organization development. As a Workplace Strategist, Cheryl is especially skilled in leading strategic planning efforts that explore alternative approaches to the design of the office environment. She uses creative and participative change management (CM) techniques to engage building occupants throughout the design process, thus increasing their acceptance of change within the workplace. She often develops and oversees multi-leveled communications strategies to support CM efforts, including branding, internal and external messaging, and customer focus groups.