What must organizations do to prepare to keep workers safe and continue operations through extreme circumstances?  In this webinar, a panel of business continuity industry experts and professionals to discuss the issues and share how their own organizations are preparing for and surviving extreme weather, natural disasters, and unforeseen events.

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The Panel of Experts


Carol DeLatte, CBCP, CC, CL

COOP (Continuity of Operations) Specialist
VCE (The Virtual Computing Environment Company)

Carol DeLatte has been a Certified Business Continuity Professional since 2007. She has developed, implemented and maintained all components of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for multiple Fortune 500 companies in the Dallas area over the past decade. Ms. DeLatte has enjoyed mentoring coworkers on four continents, as well as interns from the University of North Texas. She actively serves on the Board of Directors for the North Texas Association of Contingency Planners. Ms. DeLatte recently achieved the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader levels within Toastmasters International, where she also provides oversight and guidance as an Area Governor for several clubs.
Shane Hebert-Head Shot

Shane Hebert

Facilities Operations Specialist/Program Manager - Physical Security & Emergency Preparedness
National Cancer Institute - Office of Space and Facilities Management


Mr. Hebert is the current program manager for Physical Security and Emergency Preparedness with the National Cancer Institute (NCI). He led the team that planned and implemented NIH's first staff emergency mustering and accountability system. Mr. Hebert has worked in the physical security and Facilities Management fields for over 15 years, concentrating on the use of technology to meet mission objectives. He most recently has been awarded two National Institutes of Health (NIH) Merit awards for emergency evacuation preparation and information technology as well as a Nominee for the NIH "Mission First-Safety Always" award. He has a unique perspective on what pitfalls to expect and how to avoid costly mistakes while implementing technology based solutions. He is a frequent subject matter expert to other government agencies that are struggling to implement security and emergency preparedness solutions.

Kathleen Lucey, FBCI

Montague Risk Management

Member of the BCI Global Membership Council
Past Director of the BCI Board
Vice Chair, BCI-USA Membership Council
Founding President, BCI-USA Chapter - 2008
Elected to CPM Hall of Fame - 2005
Elected as IBM BC Practitioner of the Year – 1998


Dr. Jim Kennedy

Executive Advisory Board Member of the American Board of Information Security and Computer Forensics of the American College of Forensic Examiners

Booz Allen Hamilton