Attendees at last month's Agile Workplace Conference cited "getting buy-in" as the No. 1 obstacle to rolling out meaningful workplace changes like hoteling and telework. Strategists, managers and R.E. executives all asked us, "How do we get executive commitment, convince workers to embrace the changes and help mid-level managers to overcome their fears?"

In this webinar, our panelists built the reasons why people resist change, the different kinds of concerns that stall new workplace programs, and the specific things you can do to overcome their fears.

During the discussion, the panel addressed these fears, among others:

  • New Workplace distracts workforce from corporate objectives
  • The savings don't justify the revenue risk
  • I trust my people, but...real work gets done IN the office
  • Loss of Desk = Loss of Belonging



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Watch this lively discussion to find out how to approach the concerns of your executives, managers and workers and don't miss the great question and answer time at the end.

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Now that you have heard how to best approach your colleagues' concerns, download this quick reference guide to help you remember how to counter the fears with the benefits.  Forward the guide to others in your organization who can support you in your efforts to implement new workplace strategies.

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