Technology enables today's workers to choose when and where to work. They have adopted mobility to enhance their productivity, working more outside the traditional office than in it. The resulting office space vacancy, 60% to 70% on average, demands a smarter, "just in need" approach to occupying office space.

At the same time, organizations are demanding better performing and more sustainable workplaces. They need improved office infrastructure control in order to reduce real estate costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint. Improving people productivity while driving a more sustainable and green infrastructure requires a balance between these often competing goals. A new unified solution, Smart Occupancy + Smart Building, delivers answers for each of these needs.

Larry Melton, Founder and CEO of The Building People, and former GSA PBS Assistant Commissioner, joins AgilQuest CEO John Vivadelli for a deep dive on the Smart Occupancy + Smart Building solution.

They explore:smart-occupancy-network

  • The details of the Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings solution
  • The technology and process improvements which make the difference
  • The big impacts to people and productivity
  • The roadmap used to implement and reach successful results quickly

The presentation also covers how this groundbreaking capability was first implemented at the US General Services Administration, the leader in the US government's workplace change, and its extraordinary results.

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Lawrence Melton, President & CEO, The Building People

With over 20 years of Federal Executive Service, Larry established The Building People in 2012, which provides full lifecycle real estate and facilities management solutions that maximize technology while setting new benchmarks for their clients. With practice areas in Real Estate Services, Facilities Management, Energy & Sustainability, Project Management Services, and Information Technology, The Building People LLC offers client's program management and strategy solutions, integration and innovation management, and operations and service.

Larry is a former Assistant Commissioner of the US General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Facilities Management, and was largely involved in the GSA Smart Buildings initiative to improve performance across GSA's portfolio.