Implementing a new hoteling program is often the most significant workplace and culture change in an organization. In order to help organizations during the initial phases or pilots, workplace leaders from around the world have contributed their insight and experience for what made their own programs successful and how to avoid unforeseen pitfalls.

In this webinar you will hear advice straight from workplace leaders in organizations like KPMG, the General Services Administration, Noblis, Orange and more on the importance of communication, getting support from the right people, choosing the right setup, and much more.

Takeaways for getting your hoteling program started right include:

  • What kind of communication is needed at each step
  • What policies must be in place before implementation
  • How to prevent abuse and enforce policies
  • Determining who should hotel and which workspaces are available
  • Approaches for hoteling-as-a-mandate vs. hoteling-as-a-privilege
  • Getting support and buy-in from stakeholders and upper management

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