Nearly every organization that adds mobility, telework, or hoteling to their workplace program runs into pushback from some number of employees. Any big change to traditional culture inevitably encounters resistance whether it comes from fear, a sense of loss of one's desk, or even from not seeing everyone you work with everyday. Those are normal, human reactions. But to reach organizational goals and to deliver on the personal ROI for everyone involved, you have to get past these objections and gain buy-in from everyone. How do you inspire and excite users to participate? How do companies and agencies push past these problems, maximize user adoption, and reach their goals?

This panel of workplace practitioners, customers and industry experts share the tactics they've implemented to circumvent these same hurdles and the tools they've used to address user issues to:

  • Streamline the user experience
  • Reduce user effort with automation and "smart" software
  • Communicate and over-communicate before, during and after change
  • Leverage mobile devices for more than just making reservations
  • Propagate workplace "how to" and best practices throughout the workforce
  • Involve those affected in the process
  • And more

Workplace Quick Reference Guide

Along with the recording and presentation, we have put together a Hoteling Workplace Quick Reference Guide, just like the one mentioned during the webinar. This checklist can be placed at Hoteling desks as a source of useful information and tips for when workers are actually in the office.

Access the recording, webinar presentation and Workplace Reference Guide now and share with your colleagues.

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