In this webinar Chris Lees, Head of Operational Development & Business Solutions at Zurich and Russell Olson, President & CEO of ROI Consulting Group, examined 3 steps to operationalizing workplace utilization.

There’s increasing interest today among enterprise organizations for understanding “space utilization”.  Unfortunately, many facilities and real estate professionals are being attracted by sales of shiny, new devices that collect mountains of data displayed on multicolored dashboards without a clear understanding of what exactly they’re collecting or what business questions they are trying to answer. Without a clear understanding of the different types of utilization (there ARE different types), thoughtful planning and preparation for what questions need answering, and the technology choices available to perform the data collection, significant time and money can be wasted, resulting in missed opportunities for real savings and improvements to employees’ work lives.

In this webinar, we examined 3 steps to operationalizing workplace utilization:

What is true workplace utilization?

There are several different types of utilization. What are they and what do they mean to organizational strategy and operations.

What is the business purpose?

This includes talking to stakeholders and defining the questions that need to be asked prior to large scale data collection. Based on your organization’s needs, what is the process for gathering the data?

How do we make sense of all this data?

Finally, this webinar covered actionable steps and solutions for analyzing and operationalizing utilization data to provide attendees with a clear path forward.

Operationalizing Utilization Data from Acquisition to Real World Workplace Solutions will show you how to make sense of your workplace utilization data and bring about cost-saving solutions that can improve the workplace for your employees.

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