Big Data is changing the way we see the world around us and improving the quality of and speed at which we can make decisions. What kind of data is available to support real estate and space management decisions? What answers can utilization and occupancy data provide? How is this data being used to change the workplace and related strategy?


Join this webinar to learn about the specific tools being used today, what they are revealing about the workplace, and hear specific examples of how data and visualization are reshaping the workplace and thinking about work, people and space.

AgilQuest's workplace business intelligence tool, Commander BI, is an essential tool for organizations who rely on its accurate summarizations of office utilization data. Commander BI's chief architect, Jeremy Deyo, will walk you through release 3.0's dashboard and reporting enhancements, and other improvements that make this version a revolution for the Commander BI product.

This webinar will cover:

  • Data's role in influencing business strategy
  • Responding to growth differently
  • Real examples of today's utilization
  • Turning raw data into recognizable, useful answers

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