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How GSA reduced real estate and energy costs by 50% and still has room to grow

They consolidated buildings, started hoteling and fully automated building services with Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings

Just like every government agency, GSA faced ever‐increasing real estate and energy costs with less and less budget. Legislation and executive orders also meant they had to cut unnecessary office space and shift more workers to telework... all without lowering productivity and while attracting the new generation of workers.

GSA found the way to trim their operating costs from $63M to just $28M per year and lower their energy costs and carbon footprint by more than 50%. Instead of redesigning and reducing each person's square footage, GSA consolidated four buildings into just one and scheduled use of theenergy-consumptionresulting 2,000 desks to meet the needs of their 4,500 workers by using Smart Occupancy.

At the same time, they discovered their building systems could do a far more efficient job if they knew who was going to be in the building at a particular time and where they would be working. Using Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings, GSA connected their building and I.T. systems to AgilQuest's OnBoard so lighting, power and HVAC could be turned on for each worker as that person actually arrived at the building.

Savings of this magnitude benefit the agency's mission, provide great personal ROI for each employee, and put GSA in a leadership role for both compliance and great stewardship of their resources. Learn how GSA achieved these amazing results and what led to success with Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings in the full whitepaper.

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