Facility managers are focused on real estate performance, senior management concentrate on profitability and revenue, and workers rely on technology to support mobility, but in traditional efforts real property is still 50% to 70% vacant. This presentation, given at World Workplace 2005, shows how to reach further savings and details

by John H. Vivadelli, President, AgilQuest Corporation, and Andy Fuhrman, CEO, Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate

This presenation covers the important questions and issues such as:

  • How should we measure the performance of real property, an organization’s 2nd LARGEST expense?
  • Knowing facility inventory information is necessary, but insufficient.
  • What’s Going on in the Workplace?
  • Options for what can be done.
  • Time Based View of Real Property.
  • Firms save from $50,000 to $132M annually.
  • Living and Working in a Network of Space.
  • Workplace Utilization software’s adds the functions necessary for today’s mobile, flexible workforce.
  • Getting both operational control and strategic workplace management.
  • OSCRE Work Groups.

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