The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has been working with AgilQuest since 2010 to create and implement a new workplace strategy to support mobile work and ultimately cut unneeded real estate. Smart Occupancy + Smart Building applies the latest mobile technology, access control integration, and modern workplace expertise to balance the need to save on real estate and energy with the practical support needs of the workforce. During this process, GSA also began a large renovation of their Washington, D.C. headquarters at 1800 F Street NW, which included turning the 1917 structure into a Smart Building.

Demonstrating their leadership and vision in the federal government workplace, GSA upgraded their headquarters installation to connect the capabilities of Smart Occupancy and Smart Buildings and Book-IT, their rebranded version of OnBoard, to maximize efficiency and support for their workforce. By implementing Smart Occupancy first, they were able to transition employees to a hoteling program, reducing the amount of needed space; then turned the remaining square feet into an efficient Smart Building that supports a productive, mobile workforce. This is the story of their success.

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Hear straight from GSA more about their Smart Occupancy program and their efforts to help other agencies build their own workplace programs in this webinar:

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