Hoteling is a workplace strategy which reduces office space costs by increasing the number of workers supported by each desk or workspace. Hoteling eliminates the high rate of vacancy most offices suffer when many of their people are working from home, from the road or from another site on any given day and therefore leave their permanently-assigned desk empty for the day. Hoteling (sometimes misspelled as hotelling) is reservation-based unassigned seating.

When someone expects to be in the office on a given day, they reserve a desk or workspace near their colleagues, their boss, or in an area which supports the kind of work they will be performing that day. They may also reserve meeting space in a conference room or collaboration area.

Reservations systems like AgilQuest's OnBoard manage the pools of assigned and unassigned space within an organization and provide the place to work for workers when they will be in the office.

By providing space just-in-time or on-demand, hoteling systems allow organizations to evolve beyond the inefficient 1-to-1 worker-to-workspace model and easily reach 1.5:1 or 2:1 ratios and eventually reach 6:1 or 7:1 and save tens of millions in real estate costs each year while maintaining productivity.