Advise and Assist Workplace Change

In helping enterprise customers implement technology to support the mobile workforce and deploy reservation and measurement systems, we quickly learned it takes more than just the best technology and technology training to realize true workplace change and buy-in. Successful workplace change requires careful planning, plenty of effort, and continuous communication.

We have assembled a team of workplace change experts and created professional workplace and advisory services for preparing your organization for change as well as deliver extra help when and where you need it.



Our Building the Business Case service identifies the areas in which your organization can benefit most from workplace change, quantifies the likely impact, and projects the probable worker and organizational savings as well as the sustainability improvements. A solid, written business case is the best first step in gathering support within an organization for dramatic change.

The Baseline Utilization Study is a service which creates an initial measurement of the current state of utilization within your organization. This initial data is used to build the business case for change, identify where to start, and project what kind of savings are possible.

Smart Occupancy is a workplace strategy that maximizes workplace efficiency, workforce productivity and organizational sustainability by implementing process and technology to balance freedom and flexibility with measurement and control.

Smart Buildings is a complimentary workplace strategy that extends the large-scale results of Smart Occupancy and delivers the remaining few percentage points of efficiency by applying technology and processes to physical buildings and making them aware of worker presence and needs.