For any new program or change to be successful, the people involved must know what they should be doing in the new model, why they are important, and they must understand how to accomplish that which is expected of them. In short, both workers and managers must know enough to overcome their fear and know enough to be successful.

AgilQuest offers more than just the "how" training. We understand you need more than just how to operate the technology that supports your program. Workers need to know how they will work, communicate and thrive in the new mobile and telework environments. Managers must understand the "why" behind the program and they need new tools and methods for managing workers who they see less often. Both the technical training and the new workplace training are critical for success.

It is human nature to resist change and it's no different for workplace change. Eventual success of your workplace program comes primarily from getting buy-in from managers and user adoption from workers. The largest factor in buy-in and adoption is training. Managers and workers need to know what to expect in the new workplace and how to perform work, collaborate and communicate, and how to manage remote workers.

Moving from traditional office culture to telework requires managers who know how to manage a remote workforce and workers who can perform, communicate, and collaborate in the new mobile workplace. All need skills beyond just how to use technology; they need to know how to work remotely and that requires new "how to work" training.