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AgilQuest is the industry leading provider of software and services in the rapidly growing workplace management market. Over the last 15 years, our products have helped large enterprises around the world increase worker productivity and reduce occupancy costs. In addition, our solutions allow customers to develop more sustainable energy policies and reduce the environmental impact of their operations. We are a customer-driven organization that believes in going the extra mile. Our employees love what they do and are committed to delivering value to our customers.

In 2015 AgilQuest was named a Top Richmond Workplace by Richmond Society of Human Resources Sterling Workplace Award with the highest score possible for Work/Life Balance.

When applying, send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. AgilQuest is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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AgilQuest has strategic relationships with industry leading organizations to ensure that our clients receive world-class products and services.

Explore AgilQuest the company, our workplace and workforce solutions, learn about our educational workplace webinar series, browse the downloadable guides and materials to aid your success, or contact us to receive expert answers to your questions.

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AgilQuest offers workplace and workforce technology, expertise, and training in the form of products and services.

AgilWork prepares different audiences with training for their needs and is provided in multiple formats to best suit organizational and program needs.

Instructor-led training for technology and software

The OnBoard Workplace Management System is workplace expertise codified into business software to seat more people into fewer desks and to maximize the utilization of meeting rooms and video conference resources.

OnBoard is the automated system, workflow and business rules, which give today's mobile worker a guaranteed place to work when they are in the office and support the visibility and control managers need to reach performance goals.

OnBoard delivers hoteling for shared desks, room booking and catering for conference rooms, and provides the centralized robust reservation management and operational data that large enterprises and global organizations need for a modern, productive workplace.

See what's new in the latest edition of OnBoard!

OnBoard provides many interfaces to best fit large, global corporations and federal government agencies. Each is designed to reach specific functional needs and improve user adoption.   


The numerous features and capabilities of OnBoard were designed to meet specific operational needs and support mobile workplace culture within the organization. OnBoard's features allow AgilQuest to stand out compared to other vendors in the ability to tailor to large enterprise and global organizations and to provide the depth of functionality and nuance necessary for workplace program success. Learn more about technical requirements for OnBoard and our other products here.

With multiple editions of OnBoard available, AgilQuest's renouned software provides desk sharing and conference room management to companies of all sizes and shapes. Whether needing a large-scale, on-premise enterprise solution when consolidating multiple buildings into a smaller footprint, or a cloud-based solution for managing meeting space for 20 - 100 licenses, organizations can rely on the OnBoard Workplace Management System to deliver freedom and flexibility to your people.

The "Gold Standard" in workplace management solutions, OnBoard helps people maximize utilization of shared desks and conference rooms while minimizing expensive real-estate and resource costs, regardless of the size of organization.

Commander BI is Big Data software that provides business intelligence for the workplace. It summarizes, analyzes and reports on historical actual office space utilization data from desks and meeting rooms to support corporate real estate, workplace strategists and space planners.

The higher degree of accuracy Commander BI improves strategic real estate decision making on the order of millions or tens of millions in annual occupancy cost savings… without risking productivity.

The believability and completeness of the data gives Operations and Workplace Strategy the hard facts to counter business unit and manager level resistance and to know precisely which staff are candidates for mobile work or Telework.

Learn more about technical requirements for Commander BI and other AgilQuest products here.

Watch the CBI 3.1 and Workplace Data discussion webinar, How Data Informs Workplace Design

Find out about the new dashboards and enhanced reporting in Commander BI 3.1

business meeting about workplace management services

Implementing significant workplace change successfully requires far more than just technology. It takes expertise and experience in the planning, development, and implementation phases as well as on-going support.

Early in our history, AgilQuest was asked to provide experienced advice for organizations that were just starting hoteling and the areas requested have grown every year since.

We provide professional services to complement and support the use of our technology in the workplace as well as workplace services to plan, manage and guide organizations during workplace change.

Enterprise customers also rely on AgilQuest's customer-driven model and our Managed Services Agreements to provide custom support around the clock, around the world and to guaranteed service levels.

professional installation for workplace technology deployment

Gaining buy-in and user adoption of new policies and practices can be a difficult challenge, so we have leveraged technology in numerous ways to ease the end user's effort and increase reliability and accuracy. Our professional services provide support during the deployment of our workplace technology as well as provide the integration and monitoring needed to leverage the power of technology and best fit into your organization's infrastructure.

hands together in support of teamwork at agilquestAgilQuest is dedicated to the success of organizations implementing a workplace change program. Introducing hoteling and telework to the workplace requires a considerable amount of planning, workplace development and training. Which is why our focus is not just on the software; AgilQuest is focused on people first, and we are excited to offer an array support capabilities that reach beyond the initial deployment.

AgilQuest delivers complete, holistic solutions for the mobile workforce and the new mobile workplace.

commander bi dashboard with measurement of office space utilization
Real Estate and related office space costs are typically the second highest expense in an organization, second only to labor costs. Due to factors such as worker mobility, long-term leases, and business fluctuations, these "occupancy" costs are commonly found to be 20% to 50% higher than necessary. In relation to tens or hundreds of millions in annual real estate costs, the room for improvement often means millions or more which can add directly to the bottom line every year.

"You cannot manage what you do not measure."

The steps to reducing unnecessary occupancy costs start with understanding how much and what you are using today and progress through workplace change and continue to ongoing measurement every day:

  • Establishing a baseline of current utilization
  • Consolidating locations and renewing leases for just-in-need space
  • Optimizing the use of the remaining space to maintain productivity and competitive advantage

AgilQuest provides expert services to gauge and measure utilization as well as the technology to optimize and continuously measure your actual utilization of space across the entire portfolio every day.


Making the best use of your office space is the key to keeping the workforce productive while reducing the expense of occupancy. Just walking around the office will reveal that up to 50% of your space is vacant due to worker mobility, arbitrary allocation of space, and churn. That means nearly 50% of your office space expenses are wasted and could be used instead to improve attracting and retaining top talent and increasing margins.

Optimizing your current space and managing its utilization can be challenging unless you implement proven workplace change methods and the supporting technology to drive user adoption:

  • Enterprise-class reservation software for flexible desks, hoteling and meeting rooms
  • Automatic phone switching to follow workers to where they are working today
  • Numerous modern interfaces to provide choice and personalization for users
  • Systematic presence detection for both permanent desks and hoteling
  • Strong support and proactive monitoring for existing IT infrastructure and security

AgilQuest's OnBoard technology provides the capabilities and interfaces that organizations need to optimize their utilization of office space, the choices and interfaces to keep the workforce happy and productive, and the tools and integrations to fit within the current IT infrastructure and minimize user effort.

For any new program or change to be successful, the people involved must know what they should be doing in the new model, why they are important, and they must understand how to accomplish that which is expected of them. In short, both workers and managers must know enough to overcome their fear and know enough to be successful.

AgilQuest offers more than just the "how" training. We understand you need more than just how to operate the technology that supports your program. Workers need to know how they will work, communicate and thrive in the new mobile and telework environments. Managers must understand the "why" behind the program and they need new tools and methods for managing workers who they see less often. Both the technical training and the new workplace training are critical for success.

In helping enterprise customers implement technology to support the mobile workforce and deploy reservation and measurement systems, we quickly learned it takes more than just the best technology and technology training to realize true workplace change and buy-in. Successful workplace change requires careful planning, plenty of effort, and continuous communication.

We have assembled a team of workplace change experts and created professional workplace and advisory services for preparing your organization for change as well as deliver extra help when and where you need it.



Resources for your workplace program, corporate Real Estate decision-making, and human capital strategy.

Webinars on Hoteling, Space Utilization & Workplace Strategies

AgilQuest's Agile Workplace Leaders series are educational lectures and panel discussions from the leaders and innovators in the alternative workplace strategy arena.

These free, live web-based events are meant to benefit and support your workplace plans and programs. AgilQuest's webinars are not focused on our hoteling and office utilization technologies, but rather on the techniques and methods for making the most of your program regardless of which vendors you choose.

Most Agile Workplace Leaders webinars are recorded and archived here for your reference and on-demand listening. Where possible, the slide decks and other valuable documents from each are available for download.

AgilQuest's website serves as a library or collection of information related to office space management, alternative workplace strategies, hoteling, Smart Occupancy and Smart Buildings.

Here you will find whitepapers with data, insight and opinion, reference guides from workplace experts and real world experience, well-seasoned advice and guidance in the form of helpful, ready-to-print checklists, archived webinars, and more. These resources are provided as valuable aids for business, government and research.

Download the AgilQuest Product Datasheets for a complete overview of the workplace solutions that can help your organization enhance worker mobility, reduce office space costs and improve efficiency with accurate utilization data.

The Agile Workplace Blog

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AgilQuest’s focus goes far beyond just software. We provide workplace solutions that give your people and your organization the tools needed to be productive and efficient.

Part of our commitment to helping people become more effective is by offering educational opportunities around workplace change management, and insight into current trends in the technology landscape from leading industry experts. View our past webinars and other informational materials about products and services from AgilQuest.

AgilQuest's Work-A-Pedia is an online reference or source for definitions of workplace program related terms and methods. Here you will find quick, helpful definitions for phrases and concepts such as hoteling, actual use of space, presence detection, and so forth.

Collections of information for specific segments or interests

Information, data and articles pertinent to the Finance or CFO office.

Answers to the most-commonly-asked questions about office space management, hoteling, conference room booking, Smart Occupancy, Smart Buildings, and AgilQuest.

Conference Room Management Frequently-Asked Questions and their answers

Hoteling Frequently-Asked Questions and their answers

Measuring Actual Use of Space Frequently-Asked Questions and their answers

OnBoard Frequently-Asked Questions and their answers

AgilQuest sponsors a continuous series of web-based seminars (webinars) where industry leaders, workplace experts and technology visionaries speak about the issues facing today's workplace and mobile workforce.

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Government agencies are faced with labor and productivity goals similar to those in the commercial sector, but mission, legislation and compliance differences present unique challenges for these important organizations.

AgilQuest technologies and services have been tailored to meet the agency goals and we focus on making it easier for government to procure, implement and succeed with workplace services, products and the training necessary to bring the people along during change.