Workplace change requires much more than just the best technology. Based on 20 years of customer requests, we have developed the training you need to gain worker and manager participation and we have created the services that help plan, develop and implement measurement and change rapidly and successfully.

Training, expertise, services and technology are what make the AgilQuest solution stand apart from all the others.



The OnBoard Workplace Management System is workplace expertise codified into business software to seat more people into fewer desks and to maximize the utilization of meeting rooms and video conference resources. OnBoard is the automated system, workflow and business rules which give today's mobile worker a guaranteed place to work when they are in the office and support the visibility and control managers need to reach performance goals.

OnBoard delivers hoteling for shared desks, room booking and catering for conference rooms, and provides the centralized robust reservation management and operational data that large enterprises and global organizations need for a modern, productive workplace.

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Commander BI


The Commander BI workplace business intelligence platform dramatically improves strategic workplace real estate decision making and office space planning by delivering highly accurate data for your entire portfolio consistently, systematically and continuously.

Commander BI collects presence data from multiple sources automatically, combines and transforms these daily data feeds into an accurate measurement of the actual use of space, and presents the resulting reliable picture of utilization in reports tailored to the multiple functional needs within your organization.

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AgilWork prepares different audiences with training for their needs and is provided in multiple formats to best suit organizational and program needs. Our Live training helps users and admins learn how to utilize workplace technology. AgilQuest's e-Learning training modules provide ondemand individualized training on technology and how to work and manage in the new workplace.

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Professional and Workplace Services


We offer workplace services to plan, manage and guide organizations during workplace change as well as professional services to support the use of workplace technology within the existing infrastructure.

We also follow a customer-driven model and offer Managed Services Agreements to provide custom support around the clock, around the world and to guaranteed service levels.

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