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AgilQuest’s Contribution to Your Company During COVID-19

AgilQuest, a Workplace Management and Measurement Platform, offers its People Presence and Location module free of charge to improve workplace safety during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Until August 1, 2020, AgilQuest will provide firms the ability to integrate their Forum platforms with their PACs systems to record people presence and location when employees come into the office free of charge. 

The unprecedented necessity for increased mobility and remote-work in response to the COVID-19 outbreak demands a mechanism to know at least two critical data elements – when people came into the office and their seat location – for their safety and the safety of coworkers. 

In addition to the integration with their PACs system, the platform already informs the Employer about how many people are in the office and allows them to identify areas of reduced occupancy, providing important information to support social distancing.  

“It has always been vital to know who is in the office, and where they sit for the safety concerns driven by Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery events, but COVID-19 elevates this importance dramatically,”
John Vivadelli, CEO of AgilQuest

3 Ways to Leverage Your Forum During COVID-19

 1. Allow managers and administrators to locate where effected employees have had reservations quickly via a variety of search methods like, “People Search” and “My Teams”
 2. Identify workspaces for additional cleaning should an employee find they are sick or positive for COVID-19
 3. Promote social distancing while in the office by spreading out employee seating for essential employees

AgilQuest provides a completely cloud-based, SaaS Platform called “Forum” that takes just days to implement followed by a very rapid deployment.

Employers can manage their office spaces – set them farther apart, make certain spaces unavailable, etc., so they can know their people’s location over time in the event of a COVID-19 positive test. 

This same platform gives workers the ability to book other assets such as Conference Rooms, Equipment, Services, Parking, Health and Wellness and Transportation assets that may also need to be tracked.

Throughout our 25-year operating history, AgilQuest has improved our customer’s resiliency and continuity of operations and provided peace of mind in knowing people presence in case of a disaster such as building damage from earthquakes. 

“We want people to know we are here to help with a platform that has capabilities that may not be commonly known or understood,”
– Torrance Houlihan, Chief Experience Officer of AgilQuest

If you are new to AgilQuest, please request a demo or reach out to us at for more information.

If you are an existing customer of Forum and would like to add this integration free of charge, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email



If you’re in charge of the safe return, check out our back to the workplace page.


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