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The Key to Successfully Adopting Office Hoteling

Any change to ‘business as usual’ in the workplace, such as rolling out a new office hoteling program, require careful and deliberate communication to educate workers and encourage adoption. It takes more than just technology and rhetoric to transform an organization and its work culture. Having a defined process in place is critical for workers to accept … Continue reading

Office Hoteling Using A Mobile App

When implementing a new office hoteling system throughout your organization, it’s very important to cater to the ways employees presently like to use technology. Making your workplace optimization system convenient and easy to use will increase employee buy-in, improve utilization and provide greater accuracy for actual use of space. Employees are more mobile than ever and are more … Continue reading

Why You Need A Space Utilization Analysis

Do you know how much unused space you’re sitting on? Do you know what that’s costing your organization? Knowing how much space is actually being used on daily basis can help you cut out a great deal of excess cost.  The goal of an actual space utilization analysis is to establish a baseline of current utilization, reveal opportunities … Continue reading

Guest Blog: Knowledge Worker Productivity

Experiment of One, by Naomi Stanford, PhD I am a knowledge worker. I don’t make physical goods. I don’t receive calls as in a service center, or process a given number of invoices a day. My work is not ‘measurable’ in any quantifiable or objective way. My job title is ‘Senior Advisor’ which gives no … Continue reading

Save More Money With Business Intelligence Software

In today’s world of ‘Big Data’, answering important questions can be nearly impossible without analyzing historical data collected from multiple sources. As we gather more data, we are able to generate better answers to business problems. Business intelligence technology makes sense out of ‘Big Data’ – data sets that are so large and complex that it … Continue reading

HBR Finds Freedom of Choice is the Secret to Productivity

Among the talented professionals that make up today’s workforce, the secret to a fulfilling career is a sense of freedom, as recently reported in an article by the Harvard Business Review. The article is based on a report released by Forrester in 2009 that estimates that by 2016, 43 percent of the US workforce are … Continue reading

Visioning Your Workplace

A key management challenge in transforming traditional office space into a flexible work environment is minimizing risk. Today’s employees demand a flexible work environment that keeps pace with their constantly changing needs. Technology has untethered them from their fixed desks and freed them to work from anywhere. Many organizations have found that redesigning their workplace … Continue reading

Manage Team Presence & Availability

by Kyra Cavanaugh, Life Meets Work Trust and communication are really at the heart of a successful remote working relationship. And when you have good trust and communication, the need to “take attendance” diminishes in favor of a quality work product that demonstrates employees are truly present. That said, transparency is always a good thing. … Continue reading

Making Change Management Work

By Sholem Prasow, Insight Management At the 2014 Agile Workplace Conference sponsored by AgilQuest, many excellent speakers addressed ways in which to make Change Management succeed. In the discussion workshop that I was part of, we came up with the following summary: Three Reasons Why Activity-Based Workplace Implementations Usually Don’t Achieve Widespread Acceptance – And … Continue reading

10 Things Managers are Afraid to Tell the CEO

Listen up, CEOs.  Here are 10 things middle managers want you to know, but are afraid to tell you… 10. Your corporate values don’t mean anything. Those corporate values you make your employees post in their workspace or wear on their security badge don’t mean anything if you’re not modeling the values yourself. Don’t encourage … Continue reading

New York Times Highlights Hoteling Success at GSA

Hoteling has become so popular with business and government that media like The New York Times have finally recognized this space-saving and people-pleasing technique as newsworthy. Hooray for hoteling and high-fives to the leaders at GSA, who are using AgilQuest’s OnBoard technology to make it easy! In the July 7th article, NYT interviews the executives … Continue reading

Is there a Generation Gap in the Modern Workplace?

The mobile workforce is rapidly expanding. More and more organizations are viewing flexibility, or flexi-work practices as a strategy, not as a perk. The market intelligence firm IDC estimates that worldwide mobile worker population will increase from just over 1 billion in 2010 to more than 1.3 billion by 2015. It is clear that the trend toward … Continue reading

Mobile Officing Powered by Enterprise Software

By John H. Vivadelli, President & CEO, AgilQuest Executive Summary Large enterprises are deploying mobile workers at a rapid pace – workers armed with laptops, PDAs, and cell phones. While this mobility allows today’s modern businesses to move quickly, it can also leave vacant office space languishing unused. This office space is often the second … Continue reading

Smart Buildings Save Money and Improve Productivity

You know that efficiencies save money, but did you also know they can turn office buildings into both an economical and sustainable place where employees will love to work. Smart buildings are all about improving efficiency by eliminating redundancies, using less energy and automating systems This frees up office space and resources, which help make employees more … Continue reading

Gov. Agencies Save With Resource Scheduling Software

The mandate for government agencies to create a more mobile workforce has led to the implementation of new technology to manage these changes efficiently and carry out cost-effective and sustainable solutions. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is a great example of how resource reservation software is helping government agencies to meet the President’s goal … Continue reading

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