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Make Better Decisions With Actual Space Utilization Data

Having accurate and reliable data is crucial in making meaningful and impactful business decisions. Figuring out how much office space is really needed is critical for the organization to thrive. But to calculate actual use of space (AUS), how do you quantify the seemingly unquantifiable? For a long time it has been difficult for facilities managers and … Continue reading

Commercial Real Estate Needs to Join the Shared Economy

If you think office space is at a premium because of the recovery, you’re wrong. While some office space may be going for premium prices, there’s a $5.5 trillion dollar “market” of unused space in America. And the spectre of that space is quietly changing the way office space is viewed–by landlords as well as … Continue reading

Software Advice Features AgilQuest in Hoteling Article

Software Advice, a Gartner company that reviews thousands of software applications to help companies find the right software solutions, recently featured AgilQuest extensively in an article on the practice of hoteling. In the report, “How to Use Office Hoteling to Reduce Facility Costs,” researcher Taylor Short outlines the many benefits of introducing hoteling to the … Continue reading

The Office of the Future: No Private Jets

Memo from CEO to Middle Management: I know this is going to come as a shock, but the company can no longer afford to allocate a private jet to each employee. It was nice while it lasted. You will now share seating on our jets with your colleagues. Now I know that there will be … Continue reading

AgilQuest Featured in Green Building & Design Magazine

In a 2016 issue of Green Building & Design magazine, contributor Brian Barth describes how Customs and Border Protection utilized AgilQuest’s OnBoard and Commander BI to help facilitate major space consolidation projects that netted millions of dollars in annual savings, and made a better work environment for its people. “AgilQuest provided us with a very … Continue reading

The Sharing Economy: The New (Old) Buzz

Robert Fulghum, author of “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”, listed as his #1 learning: Share Everything. Maybe something old is new again? There’s a new buzz term to add to Cloud, Big Data, Social Networks and Mobility; it’s called the Sharing Economy. A formal definition of the Sharing Economy is an … Continue reading

Managing Generation Z in the Workplace

Managers and workplace designers think they have their hands full trying to create policies and work environments that take into account the needs of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials. Just wait until GenZ starts to enter the workforce—everything will change again. Who comprises Gen Z, and how does this next generation differ from its … Continue reading

Increasing Utilization with Meeting Reminder Emails

You know you have a meeting today at 1pm because it is on your calendar.  You reserved a conference room months ago, but the problem is you cannot remember whether it’s the large conference room on the 5th floor, or the 12th floor, or even the 20th floor! Large corporations often have large office buildings … Continue reading

Workplace Mobility Doesn’t Require Extreme Tech Savviness

Implementing new technologies to increase workplace mobility, such as telework or hoteling programs, constitutes a major cultural shift in any organization. Getting buy-in from management and employees can be a challenge, especially when dealing with worries about learning how to use these new technologies. Workers may wonder if they need to be especially tech savvy … Continue reading

Is Your Workplace Ready to Continue Business Operations During a Weather Related Catastrophe?

Is Your Workplace Ready to Continue Business Operations During a Weather Related Catastrophe? Being prepared for weather related emergencies, natural disasters or even man-made catastrophes is vital to business continuity. Staying resilient means that in the event of a large scale emergency, you can continue to provide for your customers and give your employees access … Continue reading

Guest Blog: Space Experiments, by Naomi Stanford

‘Frequently asked questions about moving office space tend to fall into four categories: the IT implications, flexible working, ‘results only work environment’ (if you’re changing traditional performance measures) and a list on the workspace itself. In the work that I’m doing at the moment it’s the final list – on workspace – that we’re focused … Continue reading

Forecasting for the Workplace of 2040

Forecasting for the Workplace of 2040 If you’re not fully focused on precisely what your facilities needs are, your company may be headed for extinction. A recent study by Johnson Controls says that, within 25 years, a workspace revolution will have completely obliterated the office as we know it today. The study, according to, predicts … Continue reading

Training Remote Managers

by Kyra Cavanaugh, Life Meets Work This question landed in my inbox recently: Do you have some ideas about what managers can do to train a new company leader who works remotely? It’s a great question since it’s a lot easier to train a leader when you work in the same place. But, it can … Continue reading

Designers Need User Input When Planning Workspaces

The workplaces of the world are undergoing a rapid change. Technology is driving process and system evolution that, in theory, can lead to much greater efficiencies. The problem is, the physical design and structure of most workplaces represents a major obstacle to tapping into that potential. And designers should be playing a larger role in … Continue reading