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Gov. Agencies Save With Resource Scheduling Software

The mandate for government agencies to create a more mobile workforce has led to the implementation of new technology to manage these changes efficiently and carry out cost-effective and sustainable solutions. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is a great example of how resource reservation software is helping government agencies to meet the President’s goal of reducing the Federal Government’s carbon footprint and reduce the amount of real estate.

As part of their alternative workplace strategy, GSA implemented AgilQuest’s OnBoard resource scheduling software and internally branded it “Book-It.” They customized OnBoard, or Book-It – a critical tool for organizations implementing mobile work solutions that allows the sharing of resources among a large number of users. GSA’s Book-It provides a centralized database of available resources such as office space, workstations, conference rooms, quiet rooms, and even A/V and meeting resources. Workers can quickly and easily utilize more shared desks, offices, conference rooms and other services needed to accomplish GSA’s mission of a more mobile workforce. Through the implementation of hoteling and a strict check-in policy, GSA reduced their worker to workspace ratio, moving employees from 4 buildings down to 1, resulting in a savings of $24 million annually!

Utilizing this customized AgilQuest tool increases administrative efficiency across GSA by eliminating manual reservation processes, excessive phone calling, and other complicated ways of finding and reserving workspaces and conference rooms. It is extremely important that the implementation of office hoteling & resource reservation software like OnBoard is customizable and constitutes a total solution where all the needs of your mobile workforce and goals of your organization can be met.

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