Your Guide to Tango Reserve by AgilQuest

A workplace management software that helps companies provide choice & flexibility.

Manage Your Flexible, Hybrid Workplace

You need a solution to manage your on-the-go employees and office resources. With Tango Reserve by AgilQuest, you can manage workspaces, meeting rooms, parking, equipment, and more, all in one place. 

Download the guide to learn more about Tango Reserve’s features, integrations, and benefits that you’ll get when you implement Tango Reserve today.

Optimize Your Office Space

The strategic and operational data collected by Tango Reserve helps you support an efficient and productive workplace and make key decisions about your flexible work programs and real estate planning.

With Tango Reserve by AgilQuest you can,

  • allow employees access to data to see when the office is busiest,
  • indicate presence through manual check-ins, or passively through access control systems or integrations,
  • answer questions like, should you downgrade office space? or what types of spaces are used most often?

Here's Some Additional Information Related to Managing Your Workplace:

Creating and managing your flexible, dynamic workplace means understand the benefits, how to implement and support it and more.

Looking for information on creating your office hoteling program? Head to this page to learn about the features you should look for.

Manage the return to the office, and beyond, including physically distanced workspaces, staggered employee schedules, limited capacity, etc.