Digital Signage (w/ Crestron)

Digital Signage for Meeting Room & Desk Booking

Make managing reservations, securing workspaces, and booking conference rooms SIMPLE by pairing digital signage with AgilQuest’s workplace management software, Forum.   Use the hardware you already have installed with our Forum apps and connectors.


Room Kiosk
Lobby Kiosk

Image of the room kiosk outside of a conference room

image of someone using the lobby kiosk

With the Room Kiosk, you can walk up to a conference room and create and manage your reservations, see the room’s availability, check-in to your reservation and more.

The Lobby Kiosk makes it easy for you to check your teammate’s location, secure your workspace, and manage your room reservations as soon as you walk into work.




room kiosk for conference room scheduling[Learn more about Conference Room Scheduling Software.]


Visually locate available conference rooms

LED lights on the side of the Room Kiosk indicate if the room is available (green), awaiting a reservation (yellow), or in use (red), making it easy to find a free meeting room by just looking around.

Create and manage room reservations

Quickly create, check-in to, and extend your meeting effortlessy with the Room Kiosk touch screen interface.

One-touch sign-in with RFID card

Swipe your authentication card or enter your login info to secure the conference room or manage your upcoming reservations right from the screen.


Available on iOS and Windows devices

The Room Kiosk integrates with both iOS and Windows devices so that you can use iPads, tablets, etc. to display the kiosk outside your conference rooms.

download the room kiosk datasheet

lobby kiosk for meeting room and desk booking[Learn more about how to choose the best Meeting Room Booking System.]


Quickly locate teammates and available workspaces upon entering the building

With the floorplan view, quickly find where teammates, available workspaces, conference rooms for upcoming meetings and more.

Check into, create, modify and/or cancel your reservations

Manage all of your current and future reservations as soon as you walk into the building.

See who’s in the building and their upcoming workspace reservations

Look at the list view of who has reserved workspaces in the building, where the rooms are located, and whether that person has checked-in or not.


Authenticate using your RFID badge or login information

Let the Lobby Kiosk know it’s you by quickly scanning in with your ID badge or using your credentials.

Have visitors easily check-in and set permissions

Visitors can easily check-in with the Lobby Kiosk, letting the employee or security personnel know they’ve arrived.



download the lobby kiosk datasheet


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