MS Exchange Integration

Room Booking Exchange Integration

Find and Reserve Available Meeting Rooms in your preferred MS Exchange Application

AgilQuest’s MS Exchange integration connects Outlook & Office 365 users with the power of AgilQuest’s meeting reservation systems, all from inside the familiar platforms they already use.  The room booking exchange integration eliminates the hassles of booking conference rooms and preserves the simplicity of the Outlook email and calendaring clients.

When you connect AgilQuest’s room booking systems to your Microsoft Exchange server, your users get the power of enterprise-class business rules, analytics, policies, and workflow, combined with the convenience of making reservations within their favorite email and calendaring clients.

  • Bi-directional integration means reservations are automatically synced in both the calendar and AgilQuest platforms
  • Book a meeting room at the same time and place as scheduling a meeting
  • Any changes to the meeting also update the room booking

Not sure why you’d need AgilQuest’s Forum in addition to Microsoft Exchange, these 8 scenarios might resonate with you.

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More than just Outlook Room Booking

Additional interfaces and integrations with AgilQuest’s reservation platforms provide access to these reservations far beyond the reach of Microsoft clients to digital signage, phone switching, GPS-based smartphones, smart buildings, etc.

Whether using Outlook directly, Teams, the Outlook Web App (OWA), the Mac client, their native phone calendar or Outlook Mobile App, users experience the simplicity of a familiar email and calendar interface when scheduling meetings.


Measure the Utilization of Your Assets

Reservations and use of the space, no matter where they originated, can now be analyzed and reported to show actual utilization, unmet demand, no shows, and much more.


No Plug-ins Necessary

A direct integration with the Microsoft Exchange server via the Exchange Web Services API allows AgilQuest’s Exchange integration to provide:

  • Stable and documented bidirectional communication with Microsoft Exchange
  • Easier, trouble-free deployments in very large environments (no client-side software to install on thousands of client laptops and desktops)
  • Broader access to AgilQuest’s room booking functionality from BYOD and mobile computing devices
  • Supports commonly used third-party Outlook services like Skype, Zoom, WebEx without interference or contention



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AgilQuest's MS Exchange Integration