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Microsoft Exchange Integration Keeps Bookings within Outlook

Through seamless, two-way integration with Microsoft Exchange Servers, AgilQuest Enterprise customers can now join together the power of OnBoard with the familiarity of Outlook.

OnBoard for Exchange integration creates an instant, enhanced two-way communication link that brings organizational rules to Outlook and Office 365 with the Exchange Connector.

This means reservations can be made, modified and canceled in either OnBoard or Exchange server applications, and remain completely in-sync whether your Exchange Servers are all on-premise or in the cloud.

Best of all, no plug-ins are required, so implementation is simple, fast and won’t slow Outlook users’ response times.

Download the Exchange Integration datasheet for more information!


  1. Kevin Wood

    Need to know if when a conference room is defined within AgileQuest that has already been in existence in Exchange for quite some time, do all of the active meetings that were previously scheduled in Exchange (but not yet taken place) sync over into AgileQuest upon linking it?

    • Ashley Loftin

      Yes. The implementation process includes synchronizing existing Exchange reservations with your system. However, we do typically recommend limiting the amount of time out we synch, i.e. 90days, and anything that is past that we would not synch.

      Hope this helps, please feel free to reach out directly with additional questions!

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