Office Hoteling

Hoteling is a reservation-based, unassigned seating system that increases the number of people supported by each desk or workspace.

Hoteling Office

Interior Of Busy Design Office With Staff

With the average cost at $10,000 per year per desk, it’s easy to imagine how vacant desks cost the organization, waste valuable resources and contribute to carbon footprint.

AgilQuest’s reservation systems like OnBoard and the Forum help eliminate the high rate of vacancy that leaves permanently-assigned desks empty when many are working from home, from the road or from another site. By providing space on-demand, organizations can provide a place to work based on the needs of their people.

Evolve beyond the inefficient 1-to-1 worker-to-workspace model.

With two or more people to a desk, organizations save tens of millions in real estate costs each year while maintaining productivity.

AgilQuest’s technologies are built specifically to help organizations achieve successful hoteling programs while accommodating their company culture, procedures and local policies.


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