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Office Space As An Extension Of Your Company Culture

What does your office space say about your corporate culture and strategy? Does it embrace flexibility to attract and retain today’s talent? Or is it more traditional?

These are questions being asked with alternative officing on the rise. For many, the new goal for workspaces is to have a dynamic flexible space defined by the people who occupy the space, rather than the other way around. Having a fixed space to personalize with family photos and potted plants is less important to today’s employees than a workplace that supports flexibility and changing business needs.

Long-standing office culture is shifting to “do more with less” while increasing non-monetary worker benefits and personal ROI. Businesses and government agencies are changing  employee’s workspaces and embracing new alternatives like hot desking to support both sets of goals. However, these changes no longer represent the loss of personalized workspaces or the physical division of teams. Instead, technology is actually helping to create the workspaces people really want and need… when they are in the office. But new software and renovated desks are just the physical props of change and of this shift in culture.

For any such workplace transformation to succeed, this shift in corporate culture must be guided by policies, regular communication and a training curriculum. Robust training on the use of technology, on the tools for mobile workers, and how to work in a mobile or nontraditional work environment are critical to success.

To thrive in the new economic environment, business and government leaders are changing how they manage office space and provide a place to work to employees. To acquire and maintain human capital, they are evolving office culture to provide more freedom and flexibility. You can tell how your organization is reacting by looking at the office space right around you.

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